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BREATHE Like You Mean It!

Let the breath move your body, and let your body move the breath.

Are you ready to create your new thriving life?

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Donna Marie Conover Breathwork Specialist

About Donna Marie

Why Breathing?


Even though I’ve been breathing all my life, I was nowhere close to breathing in a way that assures a thriving life!

An early childhood tragedy at the age of two, was the onset of severe asthma, until the age of 63, when I first discovered I could change my breathing and restore my health.

"Set your life on fire.
Seek those who fan your flames."


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I am extremely fortunate to have met Donna Marie. She has opened up so many possibilities for my journey back to good health and basic body movement and function. During my classes with Donna, she has stepped up to every personal challenge I have confronted her with. She has never given up on me. Her knowledge of our bodies' structure and its proper movement is unending. If you put your trust in her positivity she will bring you back to the mental and physically fit person that has always been in you but lacked direction. No matter what limits you have, Donna will convince you that your life has no limits except the ones you have placed on yourself.


Last  week I started taking Donna Marie Conover's 5-week breathing class and it was a real eye-opening experience. Yes, there is a correct way to breathe and I’ve got a few things to learn. I’m a vertical breather and don’t fully utilize my lungs and diaphragm.


I took what I learned from last Friday’s session and applied it to my exercise classes this week, and it made a drastic improvement. It was much easier for me to do the yoga positions, aerobics and weight training. I also felt so peaceful and relaxed after Friday’s session. I highly recommend it.


You are awesome! Thank you for helping me with my muscle aches and pains. Your assessment helped me understand where I am and where I'd like to be.


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Vero Beach, FL


Available by appointment at:

Game Changer Private Gym

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