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Feel the ME-aning of Each Breath

When I tell people I teach breathing, the response I get most often is “I already know how to breathe. I’ve been doing it all my life!”

That’s true, but are you breathing in the way you were designed to?

Take a moment a (really) ask yourself:

  • Do I have pain or tension in my neck, shoulders, and low back?

  • Am I sleeping as well as I could be?

  • Am I getting the most from my exercise routine?

  • Do you get breathless doing physical activities?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, come see me for a FREE Functional Breathing and Movement Assessment.

I’ll provide you with tools and exercises, so you can BREATHE LIKE YOU MEAN IT!

So here's the story...

The most underutilized function of our body – for most people – is our breathing.


Consider this:

  • Breathing is the most vitally important thing, we as living beings do to sustain ourselves.

  • Breathing is the first and last thing we do as we enter and leave this life.

  • Our breathing nourishes and sustains every vital function of our bodies, every cell, every organ, every muscle.

  • The quality of our breathing determines our states of physical, mental, and emotional health, and how we express ourselves as either healthy and fully functional, or unwell and dysfunctional.


Yet, since breathing is an autonomic function, created and driven by our emotional state, our feeling world, most people do not yet understand that our breathing is also under our own conscious control, and dysfunctional breathing patterns can be changed. The irony is the same people don’t even realize they have dysfunctional patterns!

Our breathing is now in need of critical care from our own I AM Presence, not the medical/insurance complex that has usurped our power, by making us believe that we never had power to change our states of health in the first place.

Dysfunctional breathing is THE CAUSE of every dis-ease humanity has dreamed up. I say dreamed up because all dis-ease or lack of function, is all illusion, moving us further and further away from Our Beloved I Am Presence and our Perfection. Separating us from our Divine Love and Light.

Once we come back into Harmony and full functionality through Whole-body breathing, we can live, love and serve humanity the way we were designed to, the way we are meant to!

What does BREATHE LIKE YOU MEAN IT mean, and how will it help us to step back in and fully love our breathing bodies?


First, let’s explore the word “mean” or meaning.

Anything that matters to you has meaning. Meaning equates to how you feel about a thing. When you have transposed meaning onto someone or something, you have put your ME into it. So, in essence, BREATHE LIKE YOU MEAN IT equals FEEL THE MEANING IN EACH BREATH. This can only happen when you become acutely aware of how your breathing makes you feel, through your entire body-mind-emotional complexes.

Let’s take a moment now and notice our breathing. Without doing anything different, just shift your attention to your breath moving in and out of your body. Notice the first hint of sensation as you become more attuned to your breath. You can write down what you are observing to apply more attention to what your feeling. Describe your sensations the best you can and where specifically in your body you are feeling anything.

  • Did you feel an emotion like anger, fear or sadness rising to the surface?

  • Did you feel a sensation like tension, pain, numbness, heat, cold?

  • Notice your reaction to your emotion and/or sensation.

  • Did you touch it and run, or were you able to stay with it and begin to feel it?

  • If you were able to feel it and stay with it for a moment, did you notice the quality of the sensation or emotion begin to change?


You have just taken your first step to feeling your meaning of your breath! Congratulations!

Your next step is:

Join me here (link) For BLYMI workshop and learn how to link up your body, mind, and emotion for a total whole body breathing experience.

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