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10 Super Cool Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Yawning

Updated: May 3, 2022

Yawning has to do with energy, balancing the nervous system, releasing toxins, and more.

Yawning is a natural reflex among humans and animals alike. Although we associate yawning with being tired or bored, there’s so much more to it

1. Animals often yawn before they attack and after the fight is over. Have you ever noticed how often your pet cat or dog yawn and stretch?

2. Yawning will improve your overall health and well-being. It energizes you and triggers the relaxation response. It helps with sleep, mood, and anxiety, and it discharges stress and tension.

3. Yawning has to do with energy, balancing the nervous system, releasing toxins, and more.

4. One of the most interesting things about yawning, is that whenever one person in a group yawns most everyone else does (Except for sociopaths. The less empathy a person has, the less likely they will be to catch a yawn).

5. Yawning is actually a vital breathing reflex, but consider the social programming around it. We’ve been taught to think or feel that it’s rude or impolite, even insulting or offensive. Beside attracting attention, there is often a perceived message of boredom. Open mouths and human noises are not acceptable in polite society. All this causes people to suppress something that nature requires us to do.

6. Yawning is a perfectly natural way to integrate, process and shift energy, connecting you with your energy, body and feelings. Yawning allows us to open and connect to another’s feelings on a subtle energetic level.

7. If you are like most people, you probably have a lot of incomplete yawns trapped inside of you, aching to come out. Admit it: you have suppressed or blocked or inhibited many yawns throughout your life, so much so that you probably automatically suppress them even when you’re alone out of habit. Maybe one reason yawning is contagious is that it communicates acceptability, it’s like giving permission. “Oh, it's ok to yawn here. Good. I needed that now.”

8. Yawning is similar to other human experiences, like orgasm, and feeling your emotions; you can trigger a yawn, and you can block and suppress a yawn, but once it’s happening, it’s very hard to get out of the way of it.

9. Learning to relax and breathe through a yawn helps us to breathe and relax with our emotions, and it allows us to channel energy in a more conscious, healthy and creative way.

10. The yawning reflex lights up the same part of our brain that’s associated with empathy, bonding, play and creativity.

So, go ahead and give yourself the experience of a nice full-body yawn and stretch, as often as you feel the urge or when you want to just shift your energy.

Reference: Just Breathe; Mastering Breathwork by Dan Brule

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