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I Choose to Thrive! How to Create Your Own Best Version of “Normal”

It’s now 3-years since we were all taken by surprise by the global pandemic. Back then, we had absolutely no way to even begin to understand the gravity of what was happening to us. Even though, as humans, we are equipped with imagination and ability to make our own choices, this was just too big, too overwhelming, and we didn’t have the tools to work with it.

About a year ago, I began to see, hear and sense on my own, a desire to “just get back to normal”. But is that really what we want? I began to wonder what my life would look like and feel like if I chose to be the best version of me. What if I chose being, doing, and having everything I require to be happy, healthy, and abundant?

The past three years have shown us how vibrant and resilient we truly are, and I know many more people, who like me, are also choosing to thrive. Even though we had so much uncertainty, so much fear, so much anger about what was happening to us, feeling we did not have any control kept us in a state of survival (fight, flight, freeze) that has greatly affected health outcomes for many of us seniors.

I used this time to create my thriving life. First, I determined what thriving means to me. Then I imagined myself being and doing what caused me to thrive, and working from my outcome, I determined how to get there.

For me it’s been a perfect opportunity to unplug from the demands of our world and gather information and tools to make creating my new thriving life fun and easy!

I focused on the most primal aspects of life, breathing and movement, and became aware very quickly, how different our outcomes are when we choose dysfunctional vs. functional breathing.

I improved my breathing and started a walking practice, only I was still struggling. I still had limiting, self-sabotaging issues to address. But where do I start digging to even know what I was looking for?

I asked and I received!

I found a way to Speak Myself Thriving, with Mastery Systems Technologies’ Conscious Language™, Sacred Body Language Translations™, and Quantum Thriving Technique (QTT).

With these technologies, I’ve combined and streamlined everything I’ve learned, and created a series of Play-shops, classes, and Deep Dive book study groups, so you can be YOU BRAND NEW!

I’ll help you uncover the behaviors and limiting beliefs keeping you feeling old, sick, and tired, and help you install new upgrades to your Human Operating System, allowing you to step into your future-self feeling 20 years younger.

You’ll sleep better, have more energy, lose stubborn belly fat, and gain the poise and balance you once had. If I can do it, you can too!

Book your free 15-minute Health Upgrade session to assess your breathing and body signals to determine your best path to create your thriving life within Speak Yourself Thriving and Whole Body Breathing systems.

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