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What Does Thriving Mean to You?

Thriving is an action word, we use to describe feeling, doing, being and living from our greatest mission in life, which means thriving means something different to everyone who gives thriving their full attention.

To me, thriving is loving myself with all my enthusiasm, living my life on purpose, and inspiring others to thrive as I thrive myself. Thriving is enjoying my life of fun and adventure, with freedom to move and do what I am called to do at any given moment.

Thriving is PLAYING MY LIFE AT 125%!!!

Playing at 125% means stretching past my usual 100%, which is really doing the same thing over and over, just like I did the day before. While I may feel good about my efforts, I’m really not moving the needle on the thriving life I desire to have.

For instance, I enjoy my Chi Walking practice every morning. My usual route has been to do laps around my cul-de-sac neighborhood equaling about 2 miles. Even though I give it 100%, I have not moved forward in my conditioning. I’ve been doing the same 2-miles of laps at the same time every morning for about one year. How can I possibly reach my goal of walking a half-marathon in 6 months if I’m stuck on my 2-mile turntable?

I recommit and play 125%.

I did that today. Instead of my usual route, I walked all around my neighborhood. I went further from home than I had before. Even though I had to push through any doubt and fear of stepping outside my safe routine, I found the courage to do it anyway. When I arrived back home, I felt pleased and satisfied with myself for having made a new agreement to Chi Walk in a BRAND NEW WAY!.

Can I do it again tomorrow? Yes, I Can. I recommit to playing 125%!

Before learning about Conscious Language™ and Mastery Systems technologies for upgrading my life and the lives of those I love, I had no idea how simple thriving could be. I was stuck in my old paradigm for settling for what was doable on my path of least resistance.

To be totally honest, I was not even aware that I was settling.

I heard a story/analogy not too long ago about a farmer driving his tractor along the same route everyday to feed his cows in his pasture. He had created a rut, deep grooves in his path. He could take his hands off the wheel and the tractor would still travel the same path guided by the grooves.

But what if he decided it was time to move out of his rut and onto greener pastures? All he would need to do is turn the wheel a fraction of an inch to get out of his rut, and the greater the distance he traveled forward, the further the distance away from his rut he would be.

That’s all it takes! A slight shift in the way we do things, and we can find our greener pastures.

Now that I recommit to moving slightly out of my rut every day, my half marathon dream is now my new reality.

Is it time to get out of your rut and see yourself in your greener pastures?

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