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You Got To Move It, Move It!

Over the past few days, since attending a class called, I Am All New from Mastery Systems, I have had many occasions to notice with brand new eyes what has been going on around, in and through me and made conscious connections with what I created – for better or for worse.

My relationship with my husband began 5 years ago at a time in my life when I had just lost everything, including my mother. I was couch surfing, my business was struggling, and if it wasn’t for the kindness of a friend who gave me safe-haven to begin my healing journey…

Brent and I were immediately attracted to each other. What we felt as love at the time was both of our deep-seeded, co-dependent patterns saying “Yippee! I can live through this brand-new illusion!”

Even though this is true and still is, to a point, we have grown to truly love and trust each other.

When I moved into his home of 20 years he had previously shared with his former wife and children, it was a cluttered mess. Packed full of everything from his former life, his kids stuff, same furniture…need I go on?

I come from a mother who was annoyingly fastidious, and most of it rubbed off on me. The first day I moved in with my few boxes, I remember looking around and thinking, “Oh my, this is gonna take years to get through!”

In fact it only took about 18 months. Just in time to move his mom in for her last 23 days on the planet. That was when our relationship shifted; when we knew we would stay together, and make commitments to love and support each other, and to help each other grow into the Elders we are meant to be.

So. Back to stuff…Over the past 4 years since mom’s passing and our subsequent marriage, we have managed to create some order and have important improvements made to the house, thanks to the generosity of inheritance from mom. I have managed to create quite a bit of space and flow by selling, disposing of, and donating.

However, I can only equate it to moving deck chairs around on the Titanic. Years of holding on to accumulated (useless and unused) stuff, in and around the house, garage and yard, created a stagnant situation and we were sinking fast.

This came to light this morning when I looked out my kitchen window and saw the swimming pool turning green again, and the grass in the back yard knee high, because the stagnant situation has caused inertia within both Brent and me. Brent is affected much more than me because it’s been with him longer, and he is also very sentimental, and gives meaning to things that are no longer necessary to cling to in the physical.

I am not as affected since I have always traveled lightly through life. In fact, I am 180 degrees opposed to Brent in that I’d rather let go of anything that no longer holds meaning for me.

With my brand-new eyes, my ability to notice and make these connections has made it easy for me to see and understand what has to happen for us to make necessary corrections and re-establish flow through our home and our lives.

I love movement and I love feeling the energy and freedom that moving and movement provides.

Take a moment and notice until you feel; we are made of energy in motion. Energy and motion drives every part of us, in EVERY cell, in the beating of our hearts, in the breath entering and leaving our bodies, in the graceful ease of our bones, muscles and joints as we move forward.
Our thoughts are what motivate our energy into action and are driven by how we feel about the task at hand. Have you ever noticed when you're doing something you enjoy how much easier it is than when doing something you find tedious or hard?

Prior to my seeing with brand-new eyes, I was SO not loving what I was doing around this house. I was not being a good steward, and the neglect started to show; in me, my relationships, and my environment.

One simple shift was all it took. I touched my home with love, and suddenly what felt like a burden became a blessing. I was filled up by gratitude, and I began to enjoy the mundane tasks of tidying and organizing more than ever before.

Brent and I even devised a clever and fun way to sell our stuff, magically transforming it into cash, which goes back into the flow of upgrading our home so we can pass it along to a nice young family to enjoy, and cut ourselves free to explore our beautiful country in an RV with our home-base in Townsend, TN, where Conover Cabin is located.

My vision of how my life looks now that I am living my All New life, drives my energy with enthusiasm, and my miracles of joyful abundance happen every moment of every day.

In the very wise words of Albert Einstein, “live your life as if nothing is a miracle or EVERYTHING IS A MIRACLE.” I Choose Miracles!

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